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Breakthrough to Success!

It's your time to break through the barriers & blocks holding you back!

In your private sessions we'll harness empowering processes to release old triggers, end self sabotage & set you free to enjoy a life of Infinite Possibilities.

We'll use a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Intuitive Coaching, Manifesting Mentoring & Practical Guidance... all tailored to suit your personal needs.

Tavia Rankin - Business Owner - "20 out of 10!" (Adelaide, South Australia)

Before my 1:1 session with Miriam I felt lost, unmotivated, sad, frustrated and unsure how to move forward.  What I didn't expect was the subtle changes to sneak up on me and have such a profound impact - to feel like everything is different now.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my session a 20!

I'm ready for change > >


3x 90min sessions - includes pre-session chat & audio plus a final personalised meditation

4 Easy Weekly Installments of US$186


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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   ~Lao Tzu

What Other Clients Say:

Karen Geddis - Intuitive Coach - "Profound!" (Brisbane, Australia)

I had a profound session with Miriam to tap into what was stopping me from having my desired success flow to me in the way I wanted it to.

It was deeper than a ‘money block’ or ‘fear of failure’.

Miriam identified a part of me that had separated from the true me after a traumatic experience during my clinical depression – a time in my life when I was very emotionally raw and vulnerable.

This part of me had been trying to keep me safe; to keep everything under control so that I wouldn’t experience painful emotions.

It was totally blocking me from getting the client numbers I wanted in order to achieve my money goals. I have a dream of having a hugely successful business sharing my purpose with the world, and I was feeling very frustrated that I was not getting the results I believed I could get (because I manifest very easily in other areas of my life).

The exercise she took me through was powerful! Afterward I felt as if I had had a very big shift and that the part that was trying to keep me safe was able to let go to allow the real me to thrive.

I am now very excited to see how this shows up in my life and business going forward.

Kim O'Neill - Personal Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer & Radio Show Host

"Transformational Life Shift" (Long Beach, California)

I'm amazed at how much more flow I am experiencing in my life and business since my session with Miriam.

I came to her with an intention to talk about my coaching business. She quickly saw that I had an emotional block about something, so we switched gears into what became a very healing hypnosis session.

For the first time I understood on a deeper level what it was like to feel an emotion being processed and released from my physical body.

I was surprised to experience this new sensation, because I also do energy work - but I now know I was guided to Miriam because this was an experience I was supposed to have, that not only serves me, but also all my clients.

It took me a while to really understand what took place in our session. The pieces started falling into place that night, but then continued over every day that followed.

I have found it easier to be more mindful when I am eating (something I didn’t anticipate getting out of the session), and it became so much easier for me to process lower vibration emotions and still know that I’m safe in the moment.

It happens so quickly now! 

I’ve always had a sense of my life purpose and how I can serve others, so I was even more amazed that my session with Miriam was even able to take THAT to a whole other level – didn’t see that coming either!

I’m now in more alignment, experiencing life with greater ease and super thrilled to share that I’ve already manifested some new, paying clients of my own! 

Miriam is very insightful and in tune with what her clients need.

I’m immensely grateful for my session with Miriam, and super excited about all the manifestations I see on the way. 

My session with Miriam resulted in a transformational life shift for me.  THANK YOU, Miriam!

Jo Bainbridge - Writer - "Lighthouse Builder!" (Adelaide, SA)

There is always a lot going on in my brain: it is either trying to address a billion things; being utterly excited about something that it will not shut up; or it is like a storm at sea with doubts, concerns, worries.

I knew I needed something after a lifetime of conditioning and coping mechanisms that were not always healthy for me. I met Miriam and instantly knew that she was my 'lighthouse' - my beacon through the chaos of my head/heart.

What I was not expecting was that she was NOT my lighthouse at all! Nope, she wasn't going to see me through the storms at all! That really shocked me!

Miriam is not a lighthouse. Miriam is the lighthouse builder. She has helped me reconstruct the only lighthouse I need - me!

In showing me how to re-discover my lighthouse (we all have our own!!) I have re-discovered my strength in myself; my clarity and my knowledge that there is someone looking out for me all the time: ME!

Maybe your lighthouse isn't in such a wretched state as mine, maybe you just need someone to remind you where the switch to your own guiding light is,

Miriam is there to nudge you in the right direction.

Love and Light to you lady x

Gulnara Burhanova - Soul Healer - "Profound & Powerful" (London, UK)

Before having a session with Miriam I had a feeling that something is holding me back from achieving my goal. On one hand I had a strong urge to move forward in my work, on the other hand something invisible within was stopping me. I didn’t know what it was, so my progress was one step forward two back. During a session with Miriam I vividly saw those two parts of myself. They presented themselves as a priestess and a mother figure, who were creating an energetic conflict within me even though had similar good intentions for me. The healing that took place was profound and powerful. I felt energetic integration and transformation happening inside my body. Today I feel calmer, certain and stronger on my way to live my Soul mission.

Thank you Miriam!

Gulnara Burhanova,

Simon Hurley - Ex-Biggest Loser Contestant - "Already lost 4kg!" (Australia)

When I first met Miriam my goal was to begin the journey of losing weight with a focus and not fall victim to the cycle of weight loss then gaining weight. I felt very nervous and apprehensive about if this would actually work. After my sessions with Miriam I now feel confident and focused on my journey ahead and know with 100% confidence that I will be able to reach my goals. I also feel confident that on those days that I have a bad day (which are inevitable) I will be able to deal  with the feelings that would have sabotaged me moving forward.

I have already lost 4 kilos. I have a long journey to go but know I will be able to make it. When I think about the future & my goals I now feel confident and focused knowing I have the tools able to overcome any blocks.

Miriam made me feel comfortable and confident with the process.

Eleni Anastos - Money Coach - "Enlightened & Grateful" (Florida, USA)

Miriam creates an incredibly safe and loving space during her hypnotherapy sessions.  Even though this was my first experience, I felt completely at ease and trusted Miriam to guide me.  I felt genuinely cared for throughout our sessions together, which allowed me to dig deep. 

I found the process to be empowering and uplifting and wouldn't hesitate to engage her wonderful services again.  If you are struggling with an issue or simply want to feel more centered and aligned, I highly recommend reaching out to Miriam Castilla for hypnotherapy.

You will walk away feeling enlightened and grateful.

I'm ready for change > >


3x 90min sessions - includes pre-session chat & audio plus a final personalised meditation

4 Easy Weekly Installments of US$186


SAVE with

1 Simple Payment of US$699


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  • If we have not yet spoken, I will contact you to discuss your specific needs and goals.

  • Please note: I reserve the right to refund your deposit if I feel that working together wouldn't benefit you or for any other reason whatsoever.

  • Each session will last between 60-90 minutes - you won't be suddenly cut off as the clock runs out. I'm fully committed to your success and expect the same from you.

  • Sessions will be conducted once a week for 3 weeks. Occasionally, fortnightly sessions are more appropriate.

  • Your Sessions will be conducted via a Zoom Video Call in the comfort and privacy of your home.

  • Please listen to the pre-session audio (download on confirmation page) each day for at least 1 week prior to our first session. This is IMPORTANT as it prepares your unconscious mind for the changes you are wanting to make. It lets your system know that you ARE going to create this change and will support you through any 'pre-session jitters'. It's just 10 minutes long, so easy to fit into your schedule.

  • 24 hours must be given for any reschedules to avoid your session being forfeited. Each session may be rescheduled a maximum of 3 times only before it is forfeited..

  • 100% Over The Moon Guarantee:

I'm fully committed to your success & guarantee you'll have amazing breakthroughs, insights & results.

You'll equally be required to fully commit to the process and complete all tasks and homework assigned.

Your Success Starts With YOUR Commitment!

I'm ready for change > >


3x 90min sessions - includes pre-session chat & audio plus a final personalised meditation

4 Easy Weekly Installments of US$186


OR: SAVE with

1 Simple Payment of US$699


I look forward to working with you!

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