What Can We Do For You?

At Today's Woman Events, It's All About YOU - Empowering and Inspiring You To Achieve All The Success You Desire. 

However... we give you WAY more than just inspiration and motivation.  

We give you the PRACTICAL tools and the ongoing SUPPORT you'll need to achieve LASTING success and fulfillment AND enjoy fabulous life balance as well.

In short - we want you to have it all!

Our unique 360 degree  FULL CIRCLE SOLUTION  program is designed especially for entrepreneurial women just like you.


This is much more than just another personal development program. It’s an EXPERIENCE delivered in a supportive, workshop style environment and gives you ONGOING support and mentoring.


The  FULL CIRCLE SOLUTION starts with YOU - the deepest, most beautiful and authentic part of you.


It also ends with you – the most successful, prosperous and fulfilled version of YOU possible.

Women all too often get stuck doing what they feel is expected of them rather than what they truly want to be doing. They either lose sight of what they’re really all about – or they simply don’t know how to make the time for it anymore.


In the FULL CIRCLE SOLUTION , we first help you get clear on your CORE VALUES and your PASSION. This is the critical foundation needed to achieve lasting success.


We then build on that with three critical success pillars . 

You’ll be given the practical MINDSETTIME and MONEY management tools required to create the lasting success and fulfillment you desire.

We understand the importance of ongoing support and encouragement.

We also know you need both flexibility AND guidance. 

That's why we've founded the School of Effectology.

When you enrol in Effectology School you receive access to the ENTIRE CURRICULUM for one single annual enrolment fee!

Effectology School offers you the best of both worlds: 

You can access self paced learning 


You can participate and go through the coursework LIVE with Miriam.

You can check it out HERE

 Effectology launches in April 2016 with our Book Club.

Subsequent modules will then be rolled out to you.
You can participate in all the course work LIVE with Miriam as it's being rolled out
You will continue to have access to the entire curriculum while you remian an enrolled student.
This way you can revise any of the content when convenient or you can choose to undertake self paced learning at home.
Who’s the woman behind ‘Today’s Woman’?

That's me!  

Hi, I'm Miriam Castilla, author of the International Bestseller 'Today’s Woman'. 

I started my working life as a Chemical Engineer and Corporate Analyst. 

Eventually I realized corporate life was not for me and left that career to work in the family business and have two beautiful children.

Several years later, I suddenly found myself a freshly divorced single mother of two.


Being there for my kids was the most important thing and the thought of going back to 'nine-to-five' was not at all appealing.





So I started my own finance business and quickly gained recognition as a national leader in that area. Just three years and several awards later, I’d built a successful business, acquired a nice property portfolio and was generating a passive six figure income.


Since then, I've twice been nominated for Telstra Businesswoman of The Year, worked as a motivational speaker, spoken and run workshops internationally, mentored start-up entrepreneurs, am co-founder of a startup, have delivered keynote addresses at national conferences and in universities, sat on national youth & business forums, written a regular column for an online world news service - amongst lots of other stuff. So yes, I'm damn busy! :)

I also got my motorbike license, played bass guitar in an all female rock band and learned some circus arts - including getting up on the flying trapeze!

I get to live my own personal definition of success, which is:




I got there simply by consistently doing all the little things which make the big difference. And now I'm ready to share them with you so you too can achieve the success you desire - without sacrificing your life balance along the way.


As the founder of Today’s Woman Events, I have the huge honour (and an absolute ball) delivering experiential workshops to awesome women just like you. We empower you, mentor, coach and inspire you and also give you the practical tools for breakthrough success.  


I can't wait to meet you!


                                xx Miriam